Sunday, July 22, 2012

Week 1 Day 3 ;)

Day 3 of Week 1--life is getting easier. No more headaches and thank GOD for that! I rested at home most of the day and it was way easier to prep all the meals. I had scrambled eggs, kale with pine nuts and dry toast and again-- a lot of food! Then lunch was the lime lentil salad (pictured above)which made 3 portions which will be today's lunch and tomorrow's because I am working. Also I had a microgreen salad with the garlic dressing which I love. Then I did have 12 cashews and a tsp of PB for a snack. I wasn't hungry until I made popcorn for the kiddos and then realized I needed it. The photo of me is me drinking the Alkalinize ( sludge). Then for dinner I did not make the nori rolls because I could not find the ingredients so I re-did the rice and black bean taco. Delic!Even though I ordered a pizza for the kids and it smelled SOO good but I behaved! Onto day 4 tomorrow..night.

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