Sunday, July 22, 2012

Week 1 Day 3 ;)

Day 3 of Week 1--life is getting easier. No more headaches and thank GOD for that! I rested at home most of the day and it was way easier to prep all the meals. I had scrambled eggs, kale with pine nuts and dry toast and again-- a lot of food! Then lunch was the lime lentil salad (pictured above)which made 3 portions which will be today's lunch and tomorrow's because I am working. Also I had a microgreen salad with the garlic dressing which I love. Then I did have 12 cashews and a tsp of PB for a snack. I wasn't hungry until I made popcorn for the kiddos and then realized I needed it. The photo of me is me drinking the Alkalinize ( sludge). Then for dinner I did not make the nori rolls because I could not find the ingredients so I re-did the rice and black bean taco. Delic!Even though I ordered a pizza for the kids and it smelled SOO good but I behaved! Onto day 4 tomorrow..night.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Week 1 Day 2 -- On the mend..

So, I woke up later than normal for ME...7 a.m.!! That is huge! I still had the dull headache and wasn't sure if I should wake up and get on with the day but I did. My husband was quite eager to head out and do some shopping so I had limited time to get my food and supplements together. Breakfast today was great! It was a full cup full of cooked oatmeal with blueberries and a cup of Greek plain yogurt sweetened with stevia. It was better than I thought. The plain yogurt can be bitter but with the stevia it was perfect! I sat down for a change and enjoyed my breakfast. I was very full and then went on with my day. We headed out to the stores and prepared my salad. It was great with homemade dressing and some kalamata olives, tomatoes and cucumbers. I am officially a packer of food!! :) Then when we came home, I took a nap and I was OUT hard! Then moved onto the alkanize, which really is fine for me. Then had my snack about 4:15 p.m. which was 3/4 cup of Greek plain yogurt with cinnamon and berries. I like snack time. :) On the menu for dinner looks great--its black beans and rice on a corn tortilla with corn and fresh salsa & guacamole. Along side of that was steamed kale with freshly squeezed lemon juice and pine nuts. IT was DELIC!! My husband joined me for this meal and also RAVED about it. Now to clean up the dishes!  Oh and my headache is almost gone. :) Ta ta for now!

Week 1 Day 1 Reset Time!

Today is my first day of week 1 for the Beachbody Ultimate Reset. First, I want to say that the food today has been wonderful and so filling! I know with each day the regimen for the supplements will get easier so today was a challenge timing everything "just right". The down fall-- my headache is pretty annoying and wish it would STOP!! As for the menu on W1D1-- Breakfast  was 2 scrambled eggs, dry wheat toast and a generous portion of steamed kale. The kale was a first for me and it wasn't my favorite but wasn't that bad either. Lunch was a microgreen salad with carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and red bell peppers. Then I had a snack about 4 hours later which was 12 dry cashews (bc I am allergic to almonds) and a tbsp of PB. YUM!!! Then dinner was later at almost 7 p.m. than my normal time (5:30p.m.). It was good but I could not finish eating because I was so full. It was 6oz of salmon, steamed asparagus and baby potatoes. LOTS of water was consumed and I went to to the restroom about every 10-15min! Fun stuff I tell ya! Lets hope the headache doesn't consume my Saturday!